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The Realtree brand had started to come under pressure from rivals keen to make headway in the UK sporting camouflage market. Realtree decided it was time to make some noise and came to us.

The Background

Realtree is an American brand that has success in the UK over the last 15-20 years. As the original pioneers of image patterned camouflage, Realtree has seen a whole host of competitors enter the market which has become quite congested.

The Solution

We helped Realtree connect back to both of their audiences - consumers and retailers alike. And to confirm there was really only one name in patterned camouflage worth considering, we created the strapline 'The fabric of nature'. We then developed imagery connecting the shooter to the camo and this was then rolled across consumer and retail media for a powerful, simple message. This message was picked up by other European Realtree distributors and ran in another eight countries including France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia.