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Great chocolate, great taste, poor visibility. This small manufacturer in Suffolk didn't want to take on Cadbury's, bust just wanted to let consumers know Hadleigh Maid chocolate was on the map.

The Background

The owner had set up Hadleigh Maid some eight years previous, making their own chocolate from premises. The product was good, but with no real understanding or visual identity, both consumers and retailers were passing Hadleigh Maid by, seduced by other better known brands.

The Solution

We helped define where Hadleigh Maid fitted in the world of chocolate so both the consumers and retailers were more enlightened - Good honest chocolate that was natural, wholesome and fairly healthy (honest!). Not mass market, not Swiss but lovingly made in Suffolk. This premise was then rolled out across various media to great effect. We understand some lines are now in the coop and outselling Cadburys in one category!