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In Your Sights started life as an online eBay shop selling an array of unbranded shooting accessories sourced from the Far East. A sister eBay shop also existed called Stirling Outdoors, mainly selling unbranded Airsoft accessory items. The main aim was to amalgamate the existing In Your Sights and Stirling Outdoors eBay shops under the name of In Your Sights and in doing so, re-brand and re-market the In Your Sights image.

The Background

The eBay shops had currently been selling unbranded products, so to add some kudos to the IYS brand, sub brands we're created for consumers to buy into. These sub brands include Atom scopes, Chameleon decoying gear, Boar Snake barrel cleaners and Militac tactical kit. In addition to the IYS eBay shop we also created an eCommerce website to position the brand into the mainstream retail sector. Having heavily gained PR exposure for IYS across the shooting media, the consumers always looking for new product quickly started to interact with the brand.

The Solution

The real benefit of IYS to the consumer is there products price points. Cheap doesn't always mean inferior products, in this case the product sourced from the Far East was of a decent standard. This was picked up on and played back to the consumer with the new strapline: Targeting Great Gear. The IYS brand and sub brands are now part of the shooting retail landscape but most importantly the consumer understand what is being offered to them and why.