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Viking Arms Ltd, the UK distributor of Ruger, had started to come under increasing pressure from European rivals keen to make headway in the UK rifle market. We were approach by Viking Arms Ltd to raise the brand awareness and perception of Ruger in the UK and help regain some market share.

The Background

Ruger is an American brand that has success in the UK over the last 30 years. As one of the more utilitarian rifle brands, its sale have started to come under pressure from more stylish European offerings.

The Solution

On behalf of their UK distributor Viking Arms Ltd, we helped re-engage with the UK shooter. Primarily putting function over form and reminding them that a rifle's performance and robustness are of key importance, not just it's aesthetic appeal. To emphasise this we developed the strap line 'Make the shot'. Whilst taking a step back and looking at the brand we highlighted the range of rifles on offer, this was promoted through on-page and on-line advertising.

The branding work has now been handed back to Viking Arms Ltd in-house design department to be implemented and placed into the shooting market as they see fit.