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The original perception of AClass Engineering was of your run-of-the-mill metal fabrication company that knocked out average work for an average client base.

In reality they produce metal fabrication work across the heavy, medium and sheet metal spectrum to an amazingly high standard, for a high-profile client base. On top of that they also provide planning and design, structural engineering and construction management. 

It was time to give AClass the brand image and perception the company deserved. 

The Background

It's often the same old story for companies that provide great products or services because from their image they usually project a very different perception that will typically say 'poor to average'.

This was the main hurdle to overcome with AClass Engineering. There existing client base was strong with a host of blue chip accounts but the vibe the company gave off was a million miles away.

The Solution

By creating a slick, professional image from there print and online presence we re-positioned the company as a professional, up-to-the-task, engineering company that architects to engineers to manufacturers would feel justified in using.

Put simply, there engineering work is still amazing now there perception matches it!