Photography & Video

With a wealth of experience in many markets, particularly the outdoors, the team here at Dupree is quick to understand a brief and can usually provide a fast turnaround. Aware that there are a number of magazine publishing companies that experience 'bottlenecking' at certain times of the month, we're expecting interest locally, while ultra fast broadband allows us to send hi-res images anywhere of course. Currently we're already supplying some of the biggest names in publishing with product photography.
Having worked directly and indirectly for magazines for many years including Bauer and Time Inc., we're aware of their specific requirements. There are also many mail order companies and other businesses that could benefit from an upgrade in the quality of their online presence. Whatever your circumstances, we'll happily discuss photography and retouching requirements and supply JPGs or whatever file types via email, YouSendIt or FTP.
With our integrated agency skills & services and vast experience, we can handle anything from a quick pack shot to a fashion shoot. With Dupree International the sky's the limit.