Digital & Web Development


Dupree International works with customers to understand what they need websites to achieve and how the look and feel will support above the line branding. We focus on ensuring the user experience and user journey are as intuitive and friendly as possible, so that customers will continue to visit the website with confidence.
   Most of our websites are created in Drupal, the same open source CMS that the UK government website is built upon, along with other leading companies around the world including Tesla, Pinterest, Twitter, Ebay... It's no surprise that Drupal websites are regarded as some of the the secure websites available.
   Many big corporations are choosing Drupal due to its stability, the variety of features available, and many other reasons. The software is not limited to one purpose and is widely accessible due to its being open-source. Whatever the purpose of your website might be, you should definitely look into Drupal. We can assure you, you will find the answers you seek.
Content management System (CMS)
A website shouldn't be a chore to maintain and you should feel able to update your content whenever you feel you need to. By utilising the Drupal content management system, we give you the independence to do this. You will be able to edit pages, add and edit images, even crop in the most important areas on an image, giving you new levels of flexibility and control within a simple control centre. 
We use a combination of Drual expertise along with PHP, Java Script, HTML5 and CSS3, you can rely on the developers at Dupree International to be up to date with the latest core internet technologies. 
HTML Newsletters
Email marketing is a great sales and communications tool and we want to help you utilise it. We offer a comprehensive package which not only includes the html newsletter design and creation, but the analytics and subscriber list too. We also offer a design, build package for those clients who already have a mailing system set up. We will provide you with an html newsletter which you can import and send yourself, it's that simple.
Online Advertising
At Dupree, we want to give you the most creative way to advertise and web banner creation is one of our key areas. We are able to design and create web banners which enable you to advertise your products and services online. We can create either animated or static eye-catching adverts which will capture and direct your audience to your desired online location.
Whatever digital shape you're in or looking for, Dupree International will take you through a clear process:
  •     Purpose: who, why, when, what for?
  •     Planning: project parameters, budget, scope, considerations, timeline.
  •     Creative: technical and design development from concept to launch.
  •     Aftercare: from handover and launch to usage and evaluation.