Branding & Strategy

The majority of organisations throughout the world have brand messaging that confuse their audiences, leaving them unable to change their perception and behaviour toward the brand. 99% of the time this arises through a lack of clarity. Either from a disconnect within an organisation or with their appointed agency.


How we work:

Everything that we do stems from helping you understand and/or re-evaluate how your organisation wants their brand to be perceived and equally as important, how it is currently being perceived.
We work with you on an 'inclusive journey' to identify how to reach your goals. By 'inclusive' we means everyone involved in your organisation who influences or questions how your brand is being portrayed.
We believe in facilitating a collective understanding in an organisation from the start. Everyone, from the top down, who will engage in the understanding and/or re-evaluation process needs to be 'on the journey' from the start.  This ensures there is no disconnect within an organisation - everyone is involved from the very beginning, as to what a brand's 'authentic identity' is and why the brand is being portrayed as it is.
The next step it to start to push the brand messaging out to defined, receptive audiences. This is where, as a truly integrated agency, we can keep messaging 'on brand' across different media platforms, through targeted marketing and media planning.
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We would be happy to put you in touch with customers who have already benefitted from our 'inclusive journey' - without exception they will explain what a huge and positive difference the 'Dupree process' has made to their businesses.