Despite 95% of online adults aged 18-34 being most likely to follow a brand via social networking* and Europe alone seeing over 412 million active users on social media, some businesses have not joined the social media movement.

(Source: MarketingSherpa)


There are various reasons that I have become accustomed to and overcome when introducing social media into an integrated strategy, such as:

Oversharing - “I don’t use social media because I don’t care if people are eating a bagel or watching Love Island.” Social media doesn’t force you to overshare, it is not a social media problem. People overshare, it’s a character flaw.

Lack of Time - Social media doesn’t take a lot of time once you have planned what you want to say and how. Everyone knows that you make time for the things that matter.

Don’t believe in social media - To the folks who don’t “believe” in social media, we’re not talking about the Easter bunny or fake news. Social media is a multi-billion-dollar industry employing millions of people. (Source: Forbes)

Then there is my favourite – it’s what my teenagers do, it’s not for businesses.

I wanted to show you a couple of simple reasons why what teens and some of us personally do on social media is what you should be implementing for your business and for your brand.



Teen/Personal: New outfit or out with friends? Take a selfie, a photo taken of yourself by yourself to share with friends.

Business: New product or service? Share the latest product shot or lifestyle shot to showcase and build awareness of your new product or service. Even better, take a video. Videos drive 6 x more engagement than photos.

Selfie examples



Teen/Personal: Arrived at a restaurant, cinema, shop, any location. Check in to share with friends and document your time. Why couldn’t this be your business they are checking into?

Business: Arrived at an industry exhibition, conference or at an awards ceremony? How can your customers trust you are at the forefront of innovation if you’re not ‘present’ in the biggest forums?

Check In Example



Teen/Personal: The latest celebrity gossip or trending topic, need to share this news with all of your friends!

Business: New research in your industry or PR coverage, behind the scenes footage, exclusive promotional offers, new technology and developments? Get involved and share content that is relevant to your consumers. Drive traffic to your website for more information and follow up.

Sharing news



Teen/Personal: Commenting on a friend’s relationship status, post or retweeting a post of interest.

Business: Comment, like, share and retweet posts of interest, whether that is content by your consumers or your peers. Engage and create relationships and further your communities by showing you are listening.




Teen: Add new friends, potential friends and follow people/brands of interest.

Business: Create a community and develop a loyal fan base, people prefer social media for customer care over chat, email, or phone these days! (Source: MarTech).

These are just a few ways that social media can be used proactively to add value to your business and brand. Delivered to the right audiences at the right time and part of an integrated strategy, social media can change consumer perception and understanding.

We help businesses grow by working closely with the client and applying our unique ‘Dupree’ process. We take time to understand your business and how you work, so we can effectively reach your audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. 

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