Last week The Savoy in London saw the unique collaboration between two brands fighting to save the planet: PATCH and VIN + OMI.

Sustainability pioneers and agents of change in both pharmaceuticals and fashion, the partnership is an iconic gesture symbolising the fight for a greener world.

Leaders in contemporary eco fashion, VIN + OMI push the boundaries of their abilities as designers to promote sustainability, whilst making fashion fun, environmentally and socially responsible.

The poignant, effective and brutally honest statement of “you can fuck each other but stop screwing the planet” kicked off their catwalk.

Our client, PATCH, who offer the world’s first natural, biodegradable & hypoallergenic plaster, were the main sponsors of VIN + OMI’s London Fashion Week show.

Their show was a mix of eclectic statement pieces made from recycled materials, featuring nettles from Prince Charles’ High Grove and PATCH plasters stuck to the models face and hands.

Plasters stamped on their faces like eco warriors symbolised their support in the fight against marine plastic pollution and culminate the important issue around ‘sustainability’ in both the fashion and FMCG world.

The collaboration came about as the designers took a liking to PATCH and recognised the importance of having a biodegradable adhesive plaster.

“Having an adhesive plaster that is biodegradable is so important and having a company like PATCH that thinks holistically is invaluable. You just know that everything they do and are going to do has thought and car implemented into it” said VIN + OMI.

PATCH strips on models face like eco warriors

PATCH strips on the models face like eco warriors 

A goodie bag of sustainable gifts was given to each guest at the show including a press release that had seeds stuck to it with a PATCH strip, a fun example of how the brands shared values of sustainability complement each other.

“Saving the planet is they key driving force behind our ideology and we know that this aligns with PATCH. Leading eco brands need to stick together and that’s why we stuck wildflower seeds behind a PATCH strip, so people could plant their press release afterwards and watch it grow, knowing the strip is biodegradable” said VIN + OMI.

The PATCH logo incorporated into designs

PATCH logo incorporated into punk designs 

Across the globe PATCH is being embraced by the masses with its innovative design, health and environmental benefits, offering a wound care solution that ticks all the boxes.

PATCH is made from the most premium and sustainable ingredients with the extra natural goodness of activated charcoal, Aloe Vera and coconut oil embedded in the gauze.

“This is an exciting opportunity for PATCH as we share the same values and sustainable approach to business through eco innovations and social impacts, making us both pioneers in our respective industries” said PATCH C.E.O, James Dutton.

“London Fashion Week is the perfect platform to challenge consumer’s conscious and have eco-innovation recognised globally” he added.

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