Tasked with transforming a sterile and boring corridor in the offices of Europe’s number one cereal breeder, our creative team put on their thinking hats to see what they could do.

RAGT Seeds

RAGT Seeds was founded in 1919, with premises right across Europe. Since then, the company’s continuing success derives from maintaining a local approach to business while conducting ground-breaking research and development on an international scale.

RAGT Seeds UK often invites clients, students and business partners into their offices for important meetings and training, but the bland walls, doors and corridors of its Essex-based hub weren’t very inspiring.

Using photography, design and interactive media, we created a more welcoming and inviting working environment for RAGT’s employees and visitors to enjoy.

RAGT’s main strap line is ‘Grow To Expect The Best’ so we devised a creative strategy keeping this at the very core.


The RAGT corridor before Dupree International worked it's magic.

We conducted photoshoots to capture beautiful scenery in which RAGT seeds are sown and mouth-watering images of freshly baked bread to show the circle of life for their product.

Stepping into this corridor will now take you on an inspiring journey as TV screens embedded into the walls play educational videos all about the history of RAGT and plant genetics.

We teamed up with MX Displayan award winning industry leader in the production and installation of high quality displays and graphics, for the installation process.

As an alternative to a traditional wallpaper, they used their customisable FabriGrab™ solution for the long uninspiring corridor walls, as it provides seamless coverage, hiding any existing imperfections of the walls behind.

Custom-designed vinyl was used to add branded graphics and wayfinding signage to the doors, and a number of bespoke FabriFrame™ solutions were installed to house wall-mounted digital screens.


The RAGT corridor AFTER...

This project is part of the brand development work we have done with RAGT Seeds UK where we took them through the unique 'Dupree process' to discover and define their authentic identity and bring this to life. The space took just two days for MX Display’s expert installers to complete, and it is almost unrecognisable from what it looked like before.

The corridor now has a new lease of life, providing inspiration, motivation and education to all those who pass through it. The feedback from RAGT has been incredible.

If your business is in need of a similar refresh, get in touch to see how we can help.